Flooding aftermath continues as government issues warning for Purfleet and MardykeValley


IN a move that appears very much to be a belated reaction to events that happened over the weekend the government issued a flood warning for the Purfleet area last night and have repeated it this morning, saying homes and businesses may be in danger.

As reported extensively yesterday (Sunday, 17 January) the Mardyke Valley has been subject to significant flooding because of faults at the Purfleet sluice.

The environment agency originally played down the seriousness of the fault but now appear to be changing their reporting of the situation.

Yesterday Thurrock Nub news featured flooding that had caused damage to the Thurrock Scouts’ building at Cherrywood and flooding at a local horse stables.

Full story and extensive vide reports: https://thurrock.nub.news/n/urgent-warning-over-flooding-in-west-of-borough-and-in-mardyke-valley-as-government-reacts-following-a-weekend-of-high-water-and-damage