Is Thurrock Council’s finance king a genius – or is council on the precipice of disaster? Major investigation into secretive borrowing that exceeds £1 billion and is set to double

Thurrock Council's Conservative Cabinet has been bullish about its financial strategy engineered by Sean Clark (second right nearest camera).

A MAJOR investigation into the borrowing of Thurrock Council, which is more than one billion pounds in debt, has concluded local counciltaxpayers’ cash could be in jeopardy – and slams the authority for a lack of transparency and honesty.

The Financial Times and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism have published reports today (Friday, 22 May), based on months of work trying to drill down into the true state of the borough’s finances and how and why decisions were made.

The stories come in the wake of Thurrock Nub News’ exclusive story in January.

You can read the full update on this issue here: