Councillor welcomes port dust measures

Cllr Aaron Watkins

THE leading councillor on the environment at Thurrock Council has praised the Port of Tilbury on its actions to cut down problems with dust.

During a visit to the port, which took place on Thursday, 31 October, Cllr Aaron Watkins was given a tour of and was told about the work taking place to control and monitor dust.

Cllr Watkins said: β€œI know that dust is a real concern for Tilbury residents so I was really pleased to see the dust management processes the Port of Tilbury has in place and to hear of the investment they are making with further dust suppression measures.

β€œIt was a good opportunity to talk with the Port of Tilbury about the potential role they can play as Thurrock Council looks to refresh the Air Quality and Health Strategy and how we will work collaboratively with key local businesses and partners across the borough to make the borough a cleaner and greener place to live and work.”