Call for residents to join speed crackdown team

RESIDENTS in Aveley are being asked to get involved in a community project aimed at stopping speeding drivers causing danger to the local community.

Aveley and Kenningtons Community Forum is looking for volunteers to join a team involved with speed reduction from vehicles in the local area.

Community support organisation Community Speed Watch will provide volunteers with training and the equipment to help reduce the speed of drivers.

A spokesperson for the forum said: “We are advised that training would be around March 2020.

“We need to have at least 10 volunteers to be able to have a team in our area. There are roads in our local area in both Aveley and Kenningtons that appear to be quite known for excessive speed.

“The Forum can only help residents in speed reduction if some residents are prepared to help too!

“If you would like to volunteer to be involved could you please let us know. We can be contacted via email at Many thanks.”