Latest fly-tipping case costs resident £1,000

The seized vehicle.

A FLY-TIPPER has been forced to pay out nearly £1,000 and had their vehicle seized after being caught dumping rubbish in Thurrock. 

Green waste and a large amount of builders’ materials were found discarded in Gammon Field Way, Grays, on Sunday, 19 May and reported to Thurrock Council. 

Thanks to CCTV, and as the result of an investigation, Environment Enforcement officers supported the police and seized a white Ford transit from a Grays address on Tuesday, 6 August in connection with the fly-tip. 

A Thurrock resident was interviewed, subsequently fined £400 and ordered to pay £260 costs and £300 for carrying waste without a licence. The fine and costs have already been paid in full and the vehicle will now be returned. 

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: “We will use all available powers to tackle fly-tipping and have been very clear that this blight is not tolerated in our borough. 

“This is the third vehicle that has been seized for fly-tipping in Thurrock within the past two months and sends a clear message that we take action against those who commit this crime. 

“We will continue to target this problem and ask residents to be our ‘extra eyes’ in catching people in the act and would-be fly-tippers.” 

Despite the fact that they regularly take individuals to court for non payment of fines for dropping cigarette butts in local streets, when the guilty are named, Thurrrock Council is continuing to stick by a previous decision not to ‘name and shame’ fly-tippers who they fine.

Fly-tipped waste can be reported at For more information on the right way to dispose of different items, visit