Community service on a musical quest for another year

A COMMUNITY-based music service based in Thurrock has been pledged at least another year of operations at the Thameside complex in Grays.

Dorian Quest is the man behind Quest Music Services (QMS) and he says: “We are happy to announce our landlord (Thurrock Council) has agreed to extend our lease at the Thameside for another year and we will be continuing our arts for everyone projects giving local creatives a chance to shine in our purpose-built music hall, recording studio and radio station.

“Workshops there are are free and open to everyone who would like to attend. for more info search Thames Delta Radio or Quest Music Services (arts for everyone) These projects are supported by Arts Council England and GIFT – Thurrock Council’s charitable arm.”

These are busy days for QMS which hosts its annual three day festival in a new venue at Priory Park in this weekend (9,10,11 August).

The festival is supported by Arts Council England, Southend Council and QMS expect to reach more than 15,000 festival goers providing a main music stage, an acoustic stage and urban music workshops for everybody.
On Sunday, 25 August return to Southend, at Garon Park, for the Raver Tots Festival, with more than 4,500 tickets already sold.

And on Saturday, 31 August, in conjunction with Thames Delta Community Radio and supported by Arts Council England they will be suporting and celebrating celebrating local diversity and urban music at Lakeside with local talent from Thurrock on show.

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Mr Quest added: “There has been some key people in the community helping with these projects, councillors, officers and council workers. They have really made a difference and helped make a lot of the above possible.”