Council spend thousands to build up cycle stock in case of post Brexit chaos

Will this be a common sight in post Brexit Thurrock?

THURROCK Council has spent £8,000 to build up its stock of bicycles and is also investing in a fuel tank in the event the borough suffers post-Brexit chaos on its road network.

The expenditure went on ten electric bicycles, helmets, locks, hi-vis vests and jackets.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The highest assessed risk by our Emergency Resilience Group for Thurrock post Brexit is a gridlocked borough.

“The borough received £110,000 resilience money from the Government in 2018-19, of which £8,000 has been spent on ten electric bicycles.

“This equipment ensures that carers and those needing to visit vulnerable residents who require urgent domiciliary care can do so.

“The power operated bicycles are located at strategic locations across the borough and officers have already trialled these bicycles in preparation.”

The council also confirmed they have spent £1,000 on purchasing a fuel tank that will help them to stockpile fuel as part of a contingency plan requested by Essex Police.

Thurrock is not the only regional council investing in its post Brexit contingency plans. Southend Council confirmed they had spent £2,950 on a 5,000 litre fuel storage container and confirmed they have plans in place to use the council’s existing supply of bicycles to allow emergency workers to reach people in need in the event that roads become overloaded and congested.