Fly-tippers face instant justice from farmers

FED-UP farmers in Essex took the law into their own hands when they caught white van men illegally dumping rubbish on their land at night.

A video uploaded to Facebook shows two men unloading industrial waste from the back of their white van on a grass verge next to hedging.

But the fly-tippers are disturbed by what is believed to be a group of farmers who suddenly arrive on the scene in a 4×4 and a telehandler.

One burly farmer is seen wrestling one of the offenders to the ground before striking him on the backside with one of the discarded wooden planks.

Another man uses the telehandler to flip the white van onto its side as the second offender runs away.

A third person films the whole incident on a mobile phone from inside the 4×4 vehicle. The incident is believed to have taken place around midnight in Essex on 1 May.

The incident highlights the frustration many farmers feel, including the perception of a lack of protection and support from police and the courts to deter fly-tippers from dumping their waste in the countryside.