Billy Murray and why he looks so good at 78!

Nutrition & Fitness Expert Laura Moxley continues her regular online column in the Thurrock Independent and catches up with one the borough’s celebrity residents.

ACTOR Billy Murray is perhaps best known for his role as DS Don Beech in the ITV series The Bill and also as crime boss Johnny Allen in EastEnders and has been starring on our television screens for many years.

Billy and his family have recently moved and become a permanent resident here in Thurrock. I asked Billy if he could share his secrets with us on how he looks so good at the age of 78.

What is the secret Billy, you look amazing?

“I get up early every day, I do not lie in bed and waste my day. I wake up around 7am and I am straight out of bed. I don’t eat breakfast but I have a cup of coffee, no sugar! I don’t eat a lot of sugar as I do not have a sweet tooth”.

Do you maintain a healthy diet?

“Yes I do, although I only eat one meal a day. I know some people would say that isn’t healthy but my body is used to it as I’ve always done it. It has kept me slim. I do have a few snacks throughout the day but it is always fruit”.

Favourite mealtime?


So, what do you eat for dinner?

“I absolutely love vegetables so I cook stews, lots of them. I suppose my one vice is salt as I do add lots of salt and pepper to them. I like my food to be tasty and not bland. I sometimes cook a huge portion of brussel sprouts and just have them for dinner. I am also a huge onion fan and onions go in everything I cook. I do also enjoy a good curry every now and then and go to the local Indian restaurants which serve great curries”.

Do you drink water?

“I do drink water and I also drink coconut water throughout the day or fruit juices. I do indulge in a glass of red wine or two in the evenings. It helps me to relax and I love the taste, I think its perfectly ok to drink alcohol in moderation. I believe it lowers stress levels and stress can take a terrible toll on the body!.”

Do you take any vitamin supplements?

“I take a herbal supplement to prevent gout, it works for me. I have never smoked and I believe that has helped to keep me young.”

Do you exercise?

“When I was very young I did boxing but now I stick to walking. I live on a farm now and can walk around the grounds, its great!”.

Do you have any hobbies?

“I restore cars, it’s my passion. I’ve had a lot of cars! I read sometimes and watch some TV in the evenings and I like to go for dinner with friends. I tell jokes; I have some great ones, I like to have a laugh.”

“ I am very happy, life is good.”

Billy has maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout his life, getting up bright and early is a great way to start the day. He has continued to exercise throughout his life and walking is a fantastic way to keep active. It’s a gentle form of cardiovascular exercise.

Billy walks outside which is of even greater benefit. Walking outside can keep lower your blood pressure and stress levels and also help to maintain a healthy weight. 

Eating one meal a day, is also known as a form of fasting and done correctly, can do wonders for your health. Fasting promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance, better brain function and increased chances of weight loss. (Please research and consult your GP before fasting.)