TOWIE dad defends son in building firm row

A BUSINESSMAN featured on TV show TOWIE with his son has hit back at comments on social media after his son was inadvertently caught up in complaints about a rougue building firm. 

Mick Norcross took to social media to make his point about son Kirk, who is trying to recover from problems with anxiety and depression.

The furore started with a Facebook post by Stanford-le-Hope resident  Hayley Naughton who slammed building firm Major Construction who had been contracted to build an extension at her home. 

Though the target of criticism was firm owner Danny Major, a Corringham resident, she initially posted a picture of some of his staff, including Kirk.

He was quickly spotted as a ‘celebrity’ and the post attracted widespread attention, including national newspaper coverage, based on his involvement. 

Hayley changed the picture and acknowledged he was just an employee, not involved in any ‘scam’, but the widespread attention on his son has angered Mr Norcross, a property developer and nightclub owner.

He says: “I wouldn’t normally comment, but as my son seems to be being targeted here I want to put the record straight, as I am sickened that anyone would suggest Kirk Norcross had any knowledge or involvement in what has happened with this company. 

“He worked for the company as a labourer, as did others, and knew nothing of the owner’s dealings with customers, he was simply told where to go and what to do and he did it.  “After battling anxiety and depression for some time now, Kirk finally felt able to forge another career in construction and I think it’s disgusting that he is being portrayed as the “face” of this terrible situation, just because he is recognisable.  

“I am also certain that the Sun, BBC Essex and Echo News would not be interested in reporting anything if Kirk wasn’t an employee and would only use him to sell a story that has nothing whatever to do with him.  

“This is clearly the intention from the picture published showing him in the foreground and the owner in the background, when the only gripe must surely be with the owner of the company and not the innocent employees?

“I am truly sorry for the unsuspecting people who have been a victim of this company’s deception, but I can assure everyone that Kirk had no knowledge or involvement in any unscrupulous activity and is now out of a job through no fault of his own.”

Mick Norcross joined the cast of TOWIE of in the early series, joining his son, Mark Wright, Mario Falcone, Gemma Collins and Zlucy Mecklenburgh among other reality stars. 

Mick, played his role on the hit Essex show as the owner of Brentwood’ Sugar Hut, the place to be for any of the TOWIE cast but later pulled out of the series because of the adverse affect it was having on the vlub’screputation.