Enforcement officer’s parking angers local community

THE parking skills of a Thurrock Council traffic enforcement officer have come under fire from residents in Aveley, who have condemned how and where he left his vehicle.

The area around Aveley School has become a local talking point as parking problems around the school have been exacerbated following the closure of an area previously used for parking while the Aveley Hub is being built.

Residents have now been complaining about poor parking and crowed and sometimes unpassable streets – probably why the picture officer was in the area today (Tuesday, 8 January).

However, it seems to have been a faux pas by the officer with local social commentator Louise Donovan saying: “I disagree with the way people park along Aveley School but there is no parking for parents who cannot walk to the school.

“However, when you see people getting tickets for simply a two minute stop and you see the ticket enforcement officers parked illegally, so much on the curb you can’t walk a buggy past and on a yellow line, it takes the p***!

“It’s also very dangerous to park so close to the junction! This is not leading by example!”

Local campaigner Teresa Webster has taken up the issue with Thurrock council leader Cllr Rob Gledhill, contacting him to say: “A resident has just posted on our community group a photograph of today’s parking enforcement officer and his vehicle which was parked up around the Aveley Primary School area.

“I understand there is a need for enforcement for those who are parking illegally around the vicinity which has been made increasingly more difficult for people to park while the Aveley Rec car park is closed. I understand there is a car park the side of J&R Newsagent but has less than half the spaces we had in the Rec car park.

“However, it does seem hypocritical to tickets residents when your own enforcement officer is in fact parking so far over the pavement that it is reported residents were unable to walk on the pavement with a buggy. It was also noted that his vehicle was parked too close to the junction with Stifford Road and on a yellow line.

“Does this not make a mockery out of Thurrock Council’s Parking Enforcement policy?

“Would you be kind enough to advise so that I may update our Community Group.”

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