Bin man shown leaving waste on pavement

A VIDEO has been published on social media which allegedly shows Thurrock Council waste operatives leaving polystyrene and plastic litter on the pavement after they emptied bins. 

Filmed from a property in Badgers Dene, Grays, the video was made on Monday, 7 January – despite residents saying an official complaint about exactly the same staff, doing exactly the same thing, in exactly the same place last week! – 

A resident says: “This unprofessional, couldn’t-care-less, lazy chap takes non-recyclable materials out of blue bins & cardboard boxes and casually throws them down on the ground as Litter.” 

“This is unacceptable repeated behaviour which Thurrock Council have failed to address! 

“There is too much litter & fly tipping in Thurrock without Council Waste Collection staff adding to it in this shameful way and setting such a poor example!

“There were plenty of Green rubbish bins nearby for him to put the non-recyclable rubbish into.”

Thurrock Council have been invited to comment.