Battle continues to keep lorries out of Aveley

A PETITION calling on Thurrock Council to take more action against the blight of HGVs in Aveley is gaining momentum and approaching 500 signatures.

The petition was launched by Phil Church, and directly addressed on Thurrock Council’s online petitions site to council leader Rob Gledhill.

Mr Church says: “Aveley is blighted almost on a daily basis with HGVs illegally entering Aveley village, blatantly, or without due care ignoring the 7.5 ton weight limit signs in Ship Lane, Stifford Road, and Mill Road.

“With traffic increasing in the area, thanks to the houses being built all around us, Aveley is becoming a rat-run for traffic from out-of-town.

A lorry that recently got stuck in Aveley

“HGVs are damaging the buildings at the junction of Ship Lane and High Street and are passing the narrow, traffic filled roads outside the Primary School and in many cases, turn round in Park Lane causing chaos and danger.

“We understand that the shops need servicing, hence the “unless for access” on the signs but the vast majority of these HGVs have nothing to do with or have no business with Aveley. Many are foreign or using the facilities in Ockendon.

“We need a width restriction and other calming methods in Aveley in place at the bottom of Ship Lane, urgently! No more delays! No more ifs and buts! Get it done!”

Just before Christmas the Thurrock Independent reported on a lorry hitting cafe at the junction of the High Street and Ship Lane. Click Here.

You can sign the petition at