Recollections of one war end, but more are sought of next conflict

AN exhibition at the Thameside Complex later this month will wrap up local commemorations of the centenery of the First World War, but work is well underway by local volunteers to mark the Second World War in a similar way as its anniversaries continue.

Thurrock Museum Volunteers will present ‘Images of WW1’ at the complex’s ground floor gallery from Monday, 14 January to Friday, 1 February (closing at 11am on 1 February) from 10am to 4pm.

It will feature a selection of poetry, art, photography and official war posters showing how the war was represented by government, those taking part and in the arts. Sacrifice and loss are depicted through poetry and art, whilst posters show how people were encouraged to enlist or support the war effort at the Home Front.

On Wednesday, 23 January the complex will host a ‘memories morning’ which starts the volunteers’ our WWII project, commemorating 80th anniversaries of the major events of the war, as well as looking at the significant contribution from the home front.

Residents are invited to attend to share their own personal Thurrock memories.

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