Retail firm backs its safety record in face of MEP’s criticism

IN the wake of criticism from regional MEP Alex Mayer about their safety record, retail giant Amazon, which employs thousands of people at its Tilbury fulfilment centre, has responded with a positive message and invited local residents to ‘see for themselves.’

An Amazon spokesperson said: “Amazon has created in the UK more than 25,000 good jobs with a minimum of £9.50/hour and in the London area, £10.50/hour on top of industry-leading benefits and skills training opportunities.

“All of our sites are safe places to work and reports to the contrary are simply wrong.

“According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive, Amazon has more than 40 per cent fewer injuries on average than other transportation and warehousing companies in the UK.

“We encourage everyone to compare our pay, benefits, and working conditions with others and come see for yourself on one of the public tours we offer every day at our centres across the UK”