Firm called to account over driving concerns

A LORRY driver training firm has been told to stop using residential areas of South Ockendon following complaints by residents and householders.

Cllr Angela Lawrence.

Problems with lorries in the town has been a longstanding issue in the area and it is a subject that has preoccupied Belhus ward councillor Angela Lawrence.
This week though, she has reported that after two years of complaints during which she has kept a log of poor driving, the authority has reacted by writing to local firms.
First in the firing line is HGV training firm Roadtrain.
They have been asked to show more care and adhere to traffic restrictions.
The council’s Transport Development Manager Matthew Kiely has written to them to say: “We have received several complaints from local residents raising concerns regarding the high levels of HGV learner movements within the South Ockendon area, specifically using Broxburn Drive as a cut through as opposed to the desired route of Daiglen Drive.
“You may be aware that Broxburn Drive is a residential area and there are no commercial units in this vicinity, therefore there is no reason it should be used by HGVs.
“The use of this route poses a safety issue for residents and we are aware of increasing damage caused to the Highways and footways where HGV’s have accessed and parked up on the footways.
“The council has been approached by local residents and councillors requesting that it takes steps to restrict access for HGVs, before any physical measures and restrictions are considered we are first requesting that any and all unnecessary access of residential roads by your company is ceased.”
And Mr Keily says his department will be writing to any other firms identified as causing problems.
Cllr Lawrence said: “Thankfully, after two years of waiting, I have a response. From first reporting I have monitored and detailed all the lorries. My initial action was to ask one of the regular companies if they would consider using another route or cutting back on the amount of times they used the road.
“I explained it was a residential area, the corners are tight to turn and previously cars parked have been damaged.
“I then spoke of the pollution, the danger at school times and shaking of properties reported. I was given verbal abuse so I then kept a journal.”