Kart track is ‘alive and well’

OWNERS of a popular Thurrock leisure site have stressed they are “very much alive and well and are continuing operations” in the wake of speculation that their future is threatened.

The LetsGoActive kart track off the Arterial Road (A1306) at West Thurrock is close to the Arena Essex Raceway which is to close shortly and be developed for housing.

However the new development does not affect the kart track and its managing director Giles Murray said a misleading impression has been generated by some press reports.

He said: “Our name was brought up in some of the articles. This has resulted in many people mistakenly thinking that we are closing down and being demolished along with Arena Essex.

“I want to make it clear that racing will continue at Lakeside Karting under our current lease agreement until 2027 at the very least. This site has a racing heritage that goes back over 40 years and we fully intend to keep that going well into the next decade”

Confirmation of these intentions has recently been cemented by the acquisition of 65 new go karts at a cost of more than £200,000.

“I want to reassure our customers, young or old, new, past, present and future that they can enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of karting here at Lakeside for years to come. When we launched back in 2002 we wanted to bring the thrill of kart racing to Thurrock for everyone from eight to 88. We continue with that vision and have recently expanded to include three to seven year olds too,” added Giles.