Town praised for support for memorial

A COMMUNITY leader has praised his town for backing the continued and timely upkeep of its war memorial.

In 2014, the Stanford-le-Hope War Memorial Restoration Group came together and were able to secure a full restoration of the memorial, by raising funds through donations from residents and organisations in Stanford, and those who had a connection to the town, with one donation coming from Australia.

Local businesses Adamson Conservation and LE Brands Funeral Directors performed the clean, and gave their own time and money to help the campaign.

Chairman of the Stanford War Memorial Group, Trevor Robe said: “Four years after we commemorated the centenary of the brave boys who fell in The Great War which started in 1914, we have again come together to renovate the memorial – ahead of on the 2018 centenary”.

“The local community have again given generously, and have enabled the Group to maintain the memorial for years to come. Thank you also to the group members – Peter, Shirley, Irene, Clive, Jackie, Ray, Terry and Shane – who have helped to achieve our goal”.

The owner of Adamson Conservation again performed the clean; this time with the generous assistance of vape café Planet Plume who helped supply the water and energy needed for the clean.

“I wanted to thank – in addition to the many generous residents and my friends in the Group – David from Adamsom, Blair from Planet Plume, and Thurrock Council – who have helped us deliver another successful restoration of our local war memorial”, said local councillor Shane Hebb, a member of the Memorial Group.

Guardsman Michael Marks

“We are also thankful to LE Brands, who are making a memorial for Michael Marks, a Stanford-le-Hope man, who died during the Falklands conflict in 1982. Michael was a Guardsman in the Welsh Guards and was just 17 when killed aboard the Sir Galahad.

“When we started this work, some residents reached out and asked how we could commemorate Guardsman Marks – it is meaningful that we are able to now, with LE Brands once again being so charitable”.

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