Family fitness is all about acting on Impulse

A FAMILY from Stanford-le-Hope are bucking the inactivity trend that is blighting the UK by using their Impulse Leisure family membership to save money, get fit and spend quality time together.
According to government guidelines, children aged five to 18 should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, while adults should be active for at least 30 minutes a day.
Yet, a huge number of children and adults fail to meet these guidelines with nearly a third of UK youngsters aged two to 15 overweight or obese and just under a third of adults in England failing to exercise for 30 minutes a week.
Research has found that lack of time, childcare issues and home-related time pressures are the three biggest barriers to activity. Not so for the Thompson family who have invested in a family membership from Impulse Leisure for mum Emma, dad Michael and their two sons Danny and Adam.
“I’ve used the Blackshots and Corringham centres for 12 years; before the children, during my pregnancies and afterwards to get back into shape – not an easy thing to do! We think it’s really important that our children exercise and have fun doing it, so we got a family membership so we could all use the facilities together,” says Emma, a drum teacher.
The Thompsons use their family membership to spend time together. Mum and dad use the pool while five-year-old Adam enjoys his swimming lessons and Emma works out in the gym when 10-year-old Danny trains with Thurrock Swim club.
“The family membership is really cost effective; we only need to go a few times a week to make it worthwhile,” says Emma.
And they do! Emma loves to attend her favourite pilates and circuits classes as well as the gym and pool, while dad Michael and Adam swim twice a week and Danny trains with the swim club.
On top of that, the family visits the centres during the holidays to enjoy fun sessions in the pool. Impulse Leisure centres offer a variety of activities throughout the school holidays – the perfect way to keep the kids entertained.
Swimming is a real favourite with the Thompsons, and Danny has developed a passion for the sport.
“It was one of the teachers at Impulse Leisure who suggested Danny try out for Thurrock Swimming Club. He’s now part of the squad and has gone on to swim at county level,” says Emma.
Thanks to the Impulse Leisure membership, the whole family has improved so much that mum, dad and Danny were able to take part in their first Swimathon this year.
“Having the membership encourages us to do things together like swimming as a family rather than just watching the children do their lessons. Everyone enjoys themselves and we can treat ourselves to a cuppa in the cafe afterwards.”
“It’s wonderful to see the Thompsons using their family membership to spend quality time together while getting fitter and healthier.
“The more our members use their family memberships the more they can save and get out of them. Benefits include free swimming, free classes, free junior gym sessions and half price swimming lessons! There is something for everyone at Impulse Leisure,” says Mike Baden, Chief Executive of Impulse Leisure.
The Impulse Leisure family membership offers a host of benefits including free swimming and family fun sessions, studio and aqua classes, junior gym sessions, Street Dance and Glofit classes for youngsters, as well as use of the driving range.
Other benefits include half price swimming lessons, junior golf academy and junior life saving course. Where else offers all these activities and more and gets cheaper the more you visit?
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