4,500 new jobs in the pipeline on refinery site

PLANS for the redevelopment of the former Coryton oil refinery have taken a big step forward with the submission of a planning application to Thurrock Council for the creation of a new industrial ‘superhub’ – that could create up to 4,500 jobs.
The company that took over the site and which has been supervising demolition of much of the industrial equipment there is Thames Enterprise Park Ltd, who have announced that at least one part of the refinery will remain as a ‘beacon’ for the future.
It says plans for Thames Enterprise Park will turn an industrial site into a destination that can be “enjoyed both by employees working on site and by visitors”.
They say it will be an attractive landscaped environment with dedicated footpaths and cycleways around the site, commercial units located along a central boulevard and a landscaped corridor along the length of the Shellhaven Creek enhanced with native species.
One of the old refinery chimneys is to be re-used as an illuminated beacon for the development where jobs will include skilled, engineering and apprenticeship opportunities.
The development is being progressed as a joint venture between Greenergy and iSec.
Greenergy is the UK’s largest fuel supplier. A significant proportion of its operations are based locally at the Thames Oilport fuel terminal and the Navigator terminal at West Thurrock.
Its activities already create around 300 jobs in the area, with more than 150 fuel tanker drivers and logistics staff employed locally in Greenergy’s own haulage operations and further skilled jobs related to importing and storing fuel. iSec, formerly known as Industrial Securities and Marcol Industrial, has operated in the industrial sector since its formation in 1995 and has a significant track record in bringing forward large strategic development landholdings, among them five major developments – Horizon 38 in Bristol, Tudor Cross in Bolsover, Easton, Grantham, Atlantic Park in Liverpool, and Twinwoods in Bedford.
The planning application proposes to create zones for different types of businesses: A Food Hub bringing processing, packaging, storage and distribution. A range of innovative warehouses is proposed with high levels of automation.
* Leading the way in the production of advanced forms of biofuel and renewable energy, the Energy Hub will provide modern space for innovative companies within the energy sector.
*A Sustainable Industries Hub, a focal point for small and medium sized businesses to research and develop new technologies and techniques for the energy and food logistics industries.
* Centrally located within the development, there is also to be an Amenity Hub (pictured).
This will be a high-tech environment connecting business, community, education and research to ensure Thames Enterprise Park and Thurrock are at the cutting edge for decades to come. It would include cafes, a gym, a crèche and a mobility concierge service.
Prior to submitting the planning application, the plans have been subject to an extensive review and consultation process with the local authority, statutory consultees, expert engineers and the general public, including public consultation events held last year.
The project team say they have received important feedback on a range of issues including transport, environment, ecology, local employment, scheme design and air quality, all of which have all been fully considered and addressed during the pre-application consultation phase.
Chris Brookhouse, chief executive of Thames Enterprise Park Ltd, said: “The submission of the planning application marks an important milestone in the evolution of this exciting project.”
“We will continue to work closely with the council, local businesses and community stakeholders including schools and colleges to ensure that local people are best placed to take advantage of the wide variety of employment opportunities the development will bring.”
To provide feedback members of the public can contact Alun Hayes who is handling community engagement on the project. E-mail: consultation@thames-enterprise-park-consultation.co.uk, call 07809140016 or write via Freepost: FREEPOST UK NETWORKS.