Volunteers sought to help out at fort

VOLUNTEERS are being sought to help keep the popular open days at Coalhouse Fort running.
The fort, on the banks of the River Thames close to East Tilbury village, was built between 1861 and 1874 – partly under the direction of General Gordon (of Khartoum) – and was one of a number of forts built to fortify the Thames estuary. It stands within a parkland setting and features a number of World War II gunnery posts.
It is a popular attraction for families and houses a number of military collections, as well as tea rooms and it plays host to reconstructions
Since 1983 it has been leased to a voluntary preservation group, the Coalhouse Fort Project, who urgently need more people to help run tours of the fort, including its tunnels, magazines and roof.
Ken Levy is one of the project’s stalwarts and he says helping keep it open is a highly rewarding experience, adding: “Become a valued member and you will enjoy a warm welcome. Come and give us a try.”
There are three more open days this year, the first being this Sunday (28 September) which is a military open day. The others are on Sunday, 28 October which will see a Classic Vehicle and Static Engine Day and the annual memorial day on Sunday, 25 November, which traditionally rounds up Thurrock’s tribute to fallen heroes.
Anyone wishing to volunteer can contact Ken by calling 01375 677764 or emailing him at kenle@tiscali.co.uk.

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