Park protest grows as hundreds sign petition

HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition objecting to Thurrock Council’s agreement to laying waste to a Grays playing field for several years.
A council officer allowed planning permission for a road to be built from Meesons Lane and across the playing field so construction traffic can then use an alleyway between two homes in Parker Road to access building works to the north of Belmont Road, Castle Road, and Rosebery Road.
Residents in the Meesons Lane area objected to the scheme, but people living in Parker Road – which suffers heavy congestion, especially at school time with the Belmont Academy at the top of the hill – say they were not informed.
Mrs Rosemary Stammers of Parker Road is making an official (Stage 3) complaint about the council’s behaviour.
She says hundreds of people have signed the petition and “we have yet to find anyone who is actually in favour of the council’s irresponsible and haphazard proposal which completely disregard the Health and Safety of the residents, the young children attending the school, their parents and those that use Parker Road Recreational Field on a regular basis”.
Mrs Stammers adds: “Those few residents, who were supposedly written to, are more than willing to sign an affidavit to say that they never received any letter or notification from Thurrock Council.
“And no person whom I have spoken to noticed it in the Thurrock Gazette where it was advertised under ‘Motors’.
“And I have been informed that some form of notice was put in Meesons Lane and the council were informed that the notice kept disappearing but did not show any concern.
“It has also been brought to my notice that some residents contacted the council to object to the proposal, only to be ignored and that some of the comments and objections were not added to the Thurrock Council’s Planning Web Site.
“It would have been advantageous to all concerned if Thurrock Council had been sensible and at least written to all the residents of Parker Road, the ones this will effect colossally, and surely common sense would dictate that a notice should have been sited by the school gates.
“I find it very strange a letter was written to all residents of Parker Road when it was said Parker Road Recreational Field could be used, but when the decision was made to implement this the residents were not informed.
“It begs the question why not?”