Rob and Shane set for the big race!


TWO of the leading co-ordinators at Hardie Park in Stanford-le-Hope are now challenging each other to get as far away from the park as possible in a day.

Rob Groves and Shane Ralph have been leading figures in the project at Hardie Park, having successfully transformed the area into a community hub, built around the café there.

And now, in order to raise enough money for a new slide at the park and funding for the Footpaths personal development courses there, the two are competing against each other to see who can get furthest away from the park in a day.

Rob and Shane, who has a fear of flying and has never been on a plane, will only have £20 each they are allowed to spend on their journey, which will start from 6am tomorrow (Friday) and end at midnight the same day. The pair will be posting live updates of their travels on the day, and are asking people to sponsor them generously for taking on the challenge.

Rob said: “Shane came to me to ask if I would help him with this plan and I thought it was a great idea. It’s something a little bit different from the usual fundraisers that we’ve done before, and we are hoping that it just captures people’s attention and that it encourages them to donate.”

Ahead of the challenge, local visitors to Hardie Park have already offered to transport them to airports on the day, with both looking to make it abroad.

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