Campaigners for Tilbury’s Daisy Field need help

The former cricket pavilion on the Daisy Field

A COMMUNITY group fighting to preserve a much-loved park in Tilbury are to hold an Easter fun-day to raise money towards their goal of becoming a registered charity.
Community members working to preserve the Daisy Field in Tilbury will host a free family event for Tilbury residents, complete with inflatables, pony and cart rides, arts and crafts and a barbeque, in order to raise funds which will allow them to apply for charity status.
Organisers hope that will make it easier to apply for funding, which they plan to use to improve the play area and build a café for visitors to the park, following the example of other volunteer-led projects such as Hardie Park in Stanford-le-Hope.
Stacey Clark, who is one of the lead members of the ‘Daisy Squad’ who are working to conserve the character of Tilbury said: “Residents that want a community are working their socks off to try and get people together and organise events to raise money to bring a town back from the dust.
“The Daisy Field is now probably one of the only things left here with memories from every person born and bred in Tilbury. Why not put all our efforts as a community into making it the place to go and socialise and for our children to have fun as there is nothing else left.”
Residents of Tilbury have also voiced concerns about the fate of the Old Fire Station, which could face demolition as it stands on a site being considered for a new integrated medical centre.
Ms Clark said: “It is the same with the Old Fire Station. It is not disused, it’s part of our history and is still standing and being maintained and is a good place for our children to go and get active and learn martial arts rather than standing on street corners bored. This can lead to anti-social behaviour which then gives the town a bad name.”
Event organisers are still looking for stallholders to take part at their Easter weekend Family Fun-day, with pitch hire available from £6. To get in touch, contact Jo on 07553151664.
For more information about the community group’s fight to save Daisy Field, visit the 633DS Daisy Squad page on Facebook.