Opposition parties react to new Thurrock Independent Party


OPPOSITION parties have today responded to the news that all 17 former UKIP councillors have quit to party to form new political group the Thurrock Independents.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Thurrock constituency, Cllr John Kent, said: “The news today that all UKIP councillors have resigned their party membership should surprise no one. UKIP is a rapidly sinking ship and these councillors attempt to save themselves will not fool the people of Thurrock.

“What this really shows is that the only real, strong, and responsible opposition to the Conservatives is the Labour Party. We will continue to represent the interests of the people of Thurrock against the brutal cuts of the Conservative Government, and their UKIP supporters in the so called “Thurrock Independents”.

“For the people of Thurrock the choice is clear, only a vote for Labour can deliver the jobs, homes, and local services that we desperately need.”

And on the Conservative side of the chamber, there has also been scorn poured over this new political development, with portfolio holder for education Cllr James Halden tweeting: “Official. Thurrock UKIP councillors leave party on mass after finally realising UKIP is a bad joke. They have formed a new party…….. solely from ex-UKIP councillors. Sound like UKIP-lite to me!”