Woman who beat crippling depression scores best seller


A BOOK written by a woman from Stanford-le-Hope who was once so depressed she struggled to leave her house is a bestseller on Amazon.

Vicky Jones, 36, will release her first fiction book Meet Me At 10 officially through Amazon on 10 October, but it has been available for pre-order since the start of this month, and topped the pre-ordered bestseller list in the book’s category.

The success is the latest in a long line of life goals that Vicky set herself as part of a bucket list to help her break out of the crippling depression that affected her during her late twenties. As part of this list she recently took a trip on the trans-Siberian railway, and on Saturday graduated from the Open University with a degree in Criminology and Psychology.

It took Vicky two years to write the book, and was the result of taking small steps to first break out of her depression and then join a writing group in Corringham. She now wants to forge a career as an author and says she has many ideas for future stories.

She said: “It’s been a very crazy few weeks and all a million miles from where I started. The journey has been hard, but what’s important to point out is that I didn’t start here. If you are in the midst of a crippling depression I wouldn’t recommend just deciding to go and start a living as an author because that could tip you over. I’ve got over my depression my making small and simple steps.”

The book will be available globally in countries including the USA, Brazil, Canada, France and Germany, and Vicky has already done several promotional interviews, including with the Sunday Express.

From the global sales, 20 per cent will go to the charities Stop Homophobia and The Matthew Shepard Foundation, and Vicky, who now lives in Cheshire, also wants volunteer groups in Thurrock to benefit from the book.

She is planning on donating a percentage of what remains of the overall profits from the book to Hardie Park and the Stanford Blooming Marvels, depending on how many people buy the book in the area.

Vicky adds that she is going to continue ticking off items from her bucket list, and has a series of books planned about the bucket list and her journey from depression to where she is today.

She added: “I set myself small goals like getting to the end of my garden and building on that. To think that I’ve now just graduated and have a book on the best seller list is amazing, but I couldn’t have done that in the first stages. And now I just want to do things all the time, travel all the time because life’s too short.

“I think every day you’re heading towards something then that’s a real buzz, if you get up and have nothing to aim for it’s not great, especially if you are suffering from depression. It took a long time but you’ve also got to want to do it in order to be progressive.”