Cliffs rocks to the sound of Queen and Ben’s wit


We will Rock you – Cliffs Pavilion, Southend (until Saturday)

IN my opinion one of the West End’s best musicals is touring and this week ‘We Will Rock You’ is at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend.

The musical was written by the great Ben Elton and highlights his comic genius allies to the clever use of songs by the unforgettable Queen.

So who could ever believe that music could be forgotten?

In a future land where music is computer generated by ‘Global Soft’, Killer Queen rules and everyone looks the same. Only one person can restore harmony – Galileo Figaro.

The plot reveals his nightly visions where he dreams of words and sounds, and at Gaga University he meets another rebel, the Goth-like Scaramouche whom he enlists in his quest to get answers. On their journey they encounter the Bohemians and they enlighten them about an ancient thing called Rock and Roll and this explains the words he hears.

I have seen this show several times and on two continents and the quips are always modern. As ever, the costumes are amazing with some of the cast having quick costume changes but the stars of the show have to be Ian McIntosh (Galileo) and Elena Skye (Scaramouche) – but what a powerful voice Jenny O’Leary has as sassy Killer Queen.

The 1,600 odd seat auditorium had a sold out first night and with mesmerizing changing visuals of the futuristic world the cast received a well-deserved standing ovation.

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