Reunion bid for class of 79

THE search is on for the class of 79 at Gable Hall School – and for the teachers.
Former pupil Kevin Dennis and a group of ex students are planning a get together next year to mark the 40th anniversary of graduating from Gable Hall.
Kevin?explained:?“Next year will be 40 years since the class of 79 last walked on the parquet flooring of the school hall and listened to Mr Emsell, wearing a cream coloured suit, peering over his reading glasses and attempting to put the fear of God into his pupils.
“It has been decided that this occasion cannot pass without celebration. So, if you remember Mr Emsell or Oscar as he was affectionately known to the Class of 79, do him proud by coming along to the school reunion next year.
“It’s early days yet and the venue and exact date has yet to be fixed. This will depend largely on the number of pupils from the Gable Hall Class of 79 we can find and get interested in the event.
“There were about 240 of us.
“Calling around friends, we can remember the names of about 220 people but have now to start the Herculean task of contacting them all.
“Sadly, we know of six people from our year who have passed away. A sobering thought.
“I thought that a great ice breaker would be to bring your old blue school report books, photos and finished and unfinished school projects to the event. I have a steam engine that’s still waiting to be finished!
“We are also very interested in contacting as many teachers as we can who taught this year group as well.
“It would just be great to have their views on the comments they put on your reports! I know that Mr Cobb, Ms Pugh and Mr Nash still live in the area, if you see them, be sure to get them to contact me.”
If you went to Gable Hall School and left in 1979, or know of the whereabouts of someone who did, get in contact with Kevin on to register your interest and to give him your contact details.