Lila’s bin visit delight


THURROCK youngster Lila Ward-Smith was all smiles last week when she came up close and personal with the dustbin lorry she named – and the crew who operate it.
Lila, aged seven and a pupil at Warren Primary School in Chafford Hundred, was one of a number of schoolchildren across Thurrock to win a competition to name one of Thurrock Council’s new waste collection lorries.
Her winning entry was ‘Litter Mix’, inspired by the name of her favourite girl group.
Ever since winning the competition a few months ago, Lila has run to the window every time the lorries arrive on Friday mornings.
On Friday she spotted that the lorry she named had arrived in our street – Gilbert Road in Chafford Hundred – and she dashed outside to see it.
Lila said:?“It was so exciting to see my lorry” and the bin men were really nice.”