Hearing into planning appeal for new homes about to start

Campaigners highlighted flooding problems on the proposed development site.

A PUBLIC hearing will begin tomorrow (Tuesday, 15 May) into the rejection by Thurrock planning committee into an application to build hundreds of new homes on Little Thurrock Marshes.
Over a recent years a number of applications have been put to the council, provoking a strong protest reaction from residents and ultimately they have all been rejected or withdrawn.
However, developers have appealed and the Planning Inspectorate will be hearing evidence at the Thurrock Council Civic Offices over the next couple of days before passing judgement.
Chair of Thurrock Park Residents Committee Tony Coughlin has been at the forefront of the campaign against the homes and says: “It is total madness to even consider putting homes on this land when it is often looking like a lake after heavy rain, not to mention it is greenbelt and a habitat for much natural wildlife .
“The area has suffered enough with other large developments taking place and we see more and more of our open spaces being desecrated. How much more are we to lose at the expense of our quality of life .
“Other major concerns are, if approved, we will see another 600 cars per day going up and down Churchill Road which is the only access route to these houses once built, the required piling needed will mean high noise disturbance for residents for years to come and be heard for miles around , and with Tilbury 2 on the horizon the increased traffic along the A1089 will be unbearable for those living on this new development living so close to the road with high pollution levels causing major health concerns .
“The original application was refused by the planning committee in June 2017 but sadly the developers don’t respect local democracy of the planning committee so are trying to get this approved through the back door “.
“Many residents will be attending the appeal and intend to address the inspectorate giving their reasons for their strong opposition.”