Cop acted swiftly to catch knife offender

The knife taken from the male arrested by Sgt Lee Stannard.

RESIDENTS in Stanford-le-Hope took to social media to praise a police officer who apprehended an armed offender in the town centre.
On Saturday (12 May), officers were called after two males attempted to steal a moped in King Street, in the town.
Sergeant Lee Stannard saw them on Corringham Road and gave chase. One male was detained by Sgt Stannard and arrested for attempted theft and possession of an offensive weapon.
The other male was later detained by officers. Both were in possession of flick knives.
News of the arrests was posted on the Essex Police Facebook page and many residents have taken the opportunity to post there, praising Sgt Stannard and his colleagues.
However, they have also highlighted concerns that the justice system will undo the good work!

Many are calling for a heavy sentence to be imposed on the two men, with the quotes summed up by one from Teresa Brett which says: “Now they’ve been caught the justice system needs to deal out harsher sentences to try to deter these vile people. Minimum five years for carrying a knife.

“There’s only one reason you’d carry weapons. Let punishment fit the crime, had enough of these petty fines and suspended sentences.”