Residents upset at lack of street cleaning

RESIDENTS in an area of Grays claim they are being ignored by street cleaners and have to put up with lowers standards than other areas in the borough.
Their claims are being backed up by their ward councillor who says his residents deserve better from the authority.
A spokesperson for Thurrock Council has confirmed there have been problems, but has blamed the number of cars parked in the streets which are stopping their operatives from doing a thorough job.
The problem area includes William Street,?Charles Street, John Street and other areas off Grove Road.
Residents contacted the Thurrock Independent to say they were unhappy with the state of the roads and ward councillor John Kent has taken up their case.
He says: “Over the past few months residents in that area of Grays have seen a real decline in the cleanliness of their streets.
Gypsy Lane is particularly bad and the mud in the gutters of Charles Street is almost as high as the kerb itself.
“The council says they can’t clean the streets properly because of parked cars – but surely parked cars don’t stop the pavements being swept?
“People find it particularly galling when the council keeps telling them how clean the streets are – they certainly aren’t clean in this part of Grays – and residents deserve better.”
A spokesperson told the Thurrock Independent:?“The council reintroduced street sweepers in March 2016 to meet residents’ feedback. Charles Street and Johns Street are cleansed once every two weeks.
“The amount of parked cars in these roads prevented the team from cleaning the roads which has caused a build-up of detritus, in particular along Charles Street.
“The team plan to remove the detritus outside of normal working hours to avoid resident and commuter parking. The council has received one street cleansing complaint about this area of the borough.”
Cllr Kent also revealed he had received a response from the council’s customer liaison team leader for environment and highwayswhich said:?“I have spoken with the Streets Supervisor and he has informed me that this area is on a two weekly cleaning schedule.
“These roads were last visited on 13 February and prior to that 30 January. We have a regular operative in this area, however there is an ongoing issue with parked cars which prevents access for a mechanical sweeper in these roads.
“We suspect that these cars belong to both residents and commuters, what we therefore plan to do, particularly in Charles Street is to attempt to clean the road on a Saturday morning, to try to remove the detritus.”
Cllr Kent said he felt sure residents would be sceptical about that response and said he had been told by some residents that it was months since they had seen a street cleaner in action in the area.