Eva pens war tribute

A?THURROCK woman has penned a tribute to those who lost their lives in the First?World War to mark the centenary of its end.
Though it’s almost impossible to envisage the sadness and terror many shared throughout the 1,564 days of fighting poet Eva Rees, 79, of William Street, Grays, has tried to give an insight into life during the war with her poem, The Soldier.
Eva confessed she has always loved poetry and writes as a means of expressing her feelings, and attends a writing club in the local area. She said she was inspired to write The Soldier from a programme she saw on TV and the fact that she unfortunately lost two step-brothers in the war and therefore feels a personal connection to the tragic event.
With over 300 poems and stories to her name, Eva surprisingly has never had a piece published because she writes for herself and for the pleasure of doing it. The soldier is the first, because Eva says as it’s a 100 years of remembrance, her poem should be shared, not ignored’.
THE clock on the shelf chimes the hour one, two and three.
It was the early morning, and hardly light to see.
The cottage stood back from the road, one lamp burned within.
She sat there staring at a photo, a photo of her twin.

It was too early for the paper boy cycling on his rounds.
She poured herself a drink, the glass was cold she found.
The memories she thought of in the hours before the dawn.
The flowers splash of colour in this room of white and fawn.

The music played a melody, a haunting little tune.
Something about a lovely lady and the month of June.
The vase that held the flowers, colours of every hue.
His shoes set in the corner, brought back memories anew.

He’d gone far away to fight the foe, to make his country proud.
He’d said he would be back, as soon as it’s allowed.
He didn’t know that cannon fodder was his glory.
The sights he’d seen would be this gory.

Many a man was glad to fight, to fight and do his bit.
Many a soldier was sent home because they were unfit.
Shell shocked, deaf, blind with limbs torn off in battle.
Some would never be the same, their nerves were left to rattle.

She knew he would never come home, he’d caught the cannons blast.
He’d suffered much, but now at peace at last.
He’s resting in some foreign field, the cannon quiet now.
And he’ll be remembered on poppy day, two minutes silence, on the eleventh hour.

EVA is a member of Thurrock Writers Circle which is looking for new members. The group, which meets every other Wednesday, has been running since 1995 and focuses on improving peoples creative writing, mostly through story writing and poetry.
Guest speakers are also invited on a regular basis to share their own experiences and stories from a professional angle, and to further help keen writers improve their skills.
Additionally, The Thurrock Writers Circle are also active participants in the Thurrock Writers’ Festival and also produce an annual anthology of the groups best work.
Meetings are held at The Community Hall of the Hugh Delargy Complex, Delargy Close, Chadwell St Mary, from 7.30 to :pm. Visit www.thurrockwriterscircle.weebly.com