Thad’s the way to do it

Members of the cast rehearsing

MEMBERS of Tin Hut Amateur Dramatics Society (THADS) are busy rehearsing for their new production of Port Out Starboard Home.
The production is to be performed at Chadwell Village Hall, Waterson Road, Chadwell St Mary, Essex on Saturday and?Sunday, 17 and 18 February.
P.O.S.H is a comedy based on a cruise liner in the mid 70s and tells the story of Miriam who hopes that taking her brother Stewart on a cruise will help him find Miss Right, when actually, he’s looking for a Mr.
Jackie is on the cruise for her health, though she’s actually only sick of her husband, and Amanda is a washed up actress, taking any job going.
Tickets are available now from 01375-375721 or by e-mailing