Family’s search for lost pet continues

A DISTRAUGHT Thurrock family have offered a £2,000 reward in the ongoing search for their dog which was lost in Belhus Country Park over the Christmas period.
Bow is a British Bull Terrier who disappeared on December 30 at around 11am while walking with her owners close to the conservation lake area in the park near their South Ockendon home.
The Effeny family have mounted a social media campaign to try and find her and the area has been covered in posters which include the offer of a reward.
A funding page set up online to contribute towards the reward ( has raised £715 towards the reward fund, which will be donated to charity if it is not required.
Bow has a black area around her right eye and a distinctive black mark on her nose that looks like a bat in flight. She was last seen walking along the grass verge between the junction of Pea Lane and the underpass of the M25 on the day she went missing.
Mr Jimmy Effeny, 39, said: “We have not been able to concentrate on anything else other than bringing her home. We have been searching day and night in all weathers and we will not give up until she is back with us.”
The family believe that Bow is still in the area but warn that if she is spotted she should not be approached as she may have gone into ‘survival mode’ having been on her own so long.
Anyone who sees her is asked call 07490 786649 or 07808167528 so dog wardens can ensure she is safely caught.
Mr Effeny said: “We know that sometimes people pick lost dogs up not realizing that they are being searched for, and we have made it clear that anyone who has Bow can return her no questions asked, but our feeling with the amount of social media coverage now is that Bow is too hot to handle and it is much more likely that she is still keeping a low survival profile somewhere near or around the park but we desperate for sightings and need to spread the word.”

Bow is microchipped and spayed and described as “a lovely dog that gets on with everyone, she is laid back but a real people’s dog.”
The campaign has seen widespread support for the family, including messages from Paul O’Grady, Towie’s Pirate Pete and Dragon’s Den Deborah Meaden. Mr Effeny added: “The response has been amazing with celebrities tweeting about Bow and support from the local community and Pippa’s Army has been overwhelming.
“The whole family is distraught and we cannot rest until she is found.”