Nine Below Zero are coming to town

CULT Rhythm and Blues heroes Nine Below Zero are currently touring the UK and will perform at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon on Saturday, 13 January at 8.30pm.
Nine Below Zero currently tour with the line-up of Dennis Greaves (guitar/vocals), Mark Feltham (harmonica), Mickey ‘Stix’ Burkey (drums) and Ben Willis (bass) as well as additional horn section, keyboards, and backing vocalist.
Since starting out in the 1970s, Nine Below Zero have been known for providing unique and innovative music in the form of alt blues-rock.
Speaking about the tour, front-man Dennis Greaves said: “To be able to tour with our own big band has been an ambition fulfilled.
“The energy and enthusiasm at our festival appearances this summer was contagious and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve spent all this time putting together.”
For tickets for the show at the Towngate go to