Hospital brings forward urgent epilepsy patient appointment

The seizures cause Katie great torment

A 17-YEAR-OLD epilepsy sufferer in need of urgent care has now had her next appointment with a neurological consultant moved up to early December from February 2018.

Katie Lay, who can have up to four epileptic seizures a day and has now regressed to the mental age of a five-year-old, previously featured in the Thurrock Independent, where Chadwell St Mary based parents Rob and Kiley Lay expressed their disgust that Katie would have to wait so long. The reason given to them by staff at Basildon Hospital’s Children’s A&E Unit was that Essex doesn’t have enough neurological consultants.

Following the article, the trust in charge of running Basildon Hospital have vowed to continue their efforts to recruit more specialist doctors and said they hope to achieve full staffing levels by February.

But they also confirmed that following the family’s visit to A&E on 20 October, where an urgent referral was requested, that Katie will see an epilepsy specialist in early December.

A spokesperson for Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital Trust said: “After her appointment with a paediatric consultant, a referral and appointment was made for the patient to see a neurologist.

“Following a subsequent attendance at our A&E department, a request for an urgent referral was made and an appointment with a consultant who specialises in epilepsy was arranged for early December.

“There is a national shortage of neurology consultants and the trust has been proactively working to recruit specialist doctors, and it is likely we will achieve full staffing levels by February.”