Drivers fume at lorries parking in Manorway slip road


THURROCK residents who drive on the Manorway in Stanford-le-Hope have hit out at lorry drivers regularly parking up in the slip road.

Several residents have taken to social media to voice their anger at the practice, with Essex Police, Thurrock Council and DP World London Gateway, where most of the lorries are heading towards, all being called on to take more action.

One resident to post on Facebook was Stanford-le-Hope resident Terry Keating, who said that parking on the slip road was very dangerous for those coming onto the Manorway from Southend Road.

Mr Keating said: “It’s very dangerous and apparently illegal. Slip roads are not lay-bys, they’re there to allow traffic to filter into fast moving traffic. You come up onto the A1014 (Manorway) from Southend Road, looking in your mirror to join the traffic and boom, there’s a row of trucks lined up in the slip. Someone’s going to get maimed or worse before long.”

DP World have stated it is the responsibility of Thurrock Council and Essex Police to enforce parking regulations and take action against those parking in a dangerous or illegal way on public roads, as they are the only ones with the power to enforce the law.

However the company have passed £1.3m in Section 106 payments to Thurrock Council for it to spend on such issues as the port continues to grow, and a spokesperson for the company highlighted other steps they had taken to stop illegal parking on slip roads.

A spokesperson added: “As a business, we are doing what we can; we have set up a notification system whereby we will contact hauliers if one of their vehicles is seen to be parked in an area perceived to be dangerous, inconsiderate or antisocial. Residents can email, and we will warn hauliers using the port about their future conduct when in the area.

“In addition, there are truck parking facilities in and around the port, including one on The Manorway, and DP World London Gateway has recently obtained planning consent for a new HGV yard on site. We will continue to work with Thurrock Council and Essex Police on this matter where we can.”

Essex Police have confirmed that they are aware of this issue on the Manorway, but stated this problem was affected other areas as well.

A spokesperson for Essex Police added: “As the business economy and the usage of the surrounding road networks increase, we have found these issues are being replicated across various locations and are not unique to the Manorway.

“We have taken a more strategic approach to improve driver behaviour through education, enforcement, and where appropriate, engineering works.

“Officers are working closely with local businesses, partners and the local authority to find a longer term solution to these issues and our engagements are ongoing.”

Thurrock Council also confirmed that they conduct regular patrols across the borough, including at the Manorway, to take enforcement action against those who park illegally.

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Posted by Martin Walker on Thursday, 8 June 2017